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At ProSa we provide companies with expert advice in process safety. Together with us you get the best of both worlds: the small company’s personal service, commitment and flexability combined with the knowhow, experience and professionalism you would expect from a large company.

We are providers of services such as risk analysis, calculation of impact and risk, safety management, system and safety audits.   

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Technical safety

To achieve a safe design and construction for your technical systems, a sound understanding of process technology, safety requirements, project activities and risk assessment is required.

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Consequence modelling

Fire, explosion and emissions of toxic substances are real risks in many industries that are to be taken seriously.

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Risk Analysis

Carrying out risk analysis in different development stages is an effective way of preventing accidents. Contact us to learn more.

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Management system and auditing

The continuous improvement of your company’s safety management system is an never ending effort where our expertise can be helpful.

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Of course it is mandatory to comply with legislation, but it is not always obvious how to do it.

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Courses and training

The fact that your company has the right competence in process safety is crucial for you to run your business as efficiently and safely as possible.

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