Our Services

You come to us if you need expert support
regarding process safety in the design stage,

or for verification or audit of operating plants. You may also need expertise to comply with legislative requirements, relevant standards and codes of practice. Thanks to our wide network within the industrial and trade organizations, we can also bring in the right experts to assist if needed.

Irrespective the challenges your business is faced with regarding process safety, we can find solutions quickly and efficiently based on your specific requirements.

Below you can see some of the assistance we can provide, but we are happy to adapt our services to your specific wishes and needs.

Technical safety

To achieve a safe design and construction for your technical systems, a sound understanding of process technology, safety requirements, project activities and risk assessment is required.

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Consequence modelling

Fire, explosion and emissions of toxic substances are real risks in many industries that are to be taken seriously.

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Risk Analysis

Carrying out risk analysis in different development stages is an effective way of preventing accidents. Contact us to learn more.

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Management system and auditing

The continuous improvement of your company’s safety management system is an never ending effort where our expertise can be helpful.

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Of course it is mandatory to comply with legislation, but it is not always obvious how to do it.

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Courses and training

The fact that your company has the right competence in process safety is crucial for you to run your business as efficiently and safely as possible.

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Project Risk Analysis

In connection with larger projects, it is often valuable to carry out a project risk analysis where, through a structured methodology, one carefully examines and manages potential threats and opportunities that may arise in the project.

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Community Planning

When planning buildings in the vicinity of transport routes for dangerous goods, gas stations or other dangerous operations such as e.g. industries, it is important to take into account the risks that can lead to harm to people and the environment.

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