To carry out risk analysis in different project phases, operational and change phases is an effective way of preventing accidents. It is also necessary for compliance with legislation such as the Environmental Code, Seveso III, the Flammable and Explosive Goods Act (LBE) and the Act on Accident Prevention (LSO). Our ample knowledge and experience combined with our work with various proven methods and tools can help you prevent accidents and increase the safety of your business.

We offer risk analysis for technical systems based on analysis methods such as Coarse Analysis, What-if, HAZID, HAZOP, LOPA, FMECA, FMEA, Fault Tree / Event Tree Analysis, and QRA.

We can also help you prevent accidents through our expertise in:

  • Safety culture, safety management system and audit
  • Deterministic consequence modelling: fire, explosion, gas dispersion
  • General risk management• safety auditing / safety audit
  • Barrier management
  • Technical safety
  • Organizational safety
  • Risk management at start-up or expansion of industrial activities

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